Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dream, Create, Inspire Revolution

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to THE INgENIUS. First I would like to thank you for visiting and hope you support what you see. I go by the name Derrick Dapper and I will be your host for the remainder of your visit. This is the #1 place to get the scoop on all the blogs you SHOULD be and WANT to be following. I am giving props to the most famous and not-so-much famous but up and coming blogs which promote creativity, innovation, and incredible swag. If you feel like you are a part of that definition then hit me up so I can let the World know!! I am not one for much words just ACTION so let's get into it...

1st up I have to bring you my favorite person in the world MISS DJ GEMZ. Engineer by day, DJ/Studio engineer by night, this young woman definitely stays on her grind. REPPIN DMV ALL DAY check out her blog to get the latest music exclusives and the skinny on what's poppin in the DMV area. Be on the lookout for


"There's No Place Like Home Mixtape: Hosted by Miss DJ Gemz"
featuring well known artist from the DMV.


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